Arriving In Nashville

Good morning everybody! It is about 11am Nashville time and I'm sitting in our upstairs bedroom listening to distant thunder and the singing of birds! There is a sweet fragrance of honeysuckle and green floating in the open door of our little balcony and the soft sound of rain. I am looking out into an enormous back yard with huge walnut and oak trees... So beautiful!

Last night there were tornado watches in the area; lightning flashed and thunder rolled out over the night... I lay and listened to it too excited to sleep! We went out to Broadway street where there are at least 30 or 40 music joints and all full of people and live bands on a Tuesday night! Whoa! We went in to a couple of places and then strolled jacket less down streets lined with trees and Christmas lights before coming home.

Our hosts Nell and Michael are very welcoming and kind. I have already had several cups of tea with cream and honey to start off the day. Then spent some time practicing guitar and singing on the back deck. The thunder is so loud now that the windows are shaking! We are off to start tracking... More later! So grateful to be here! Love Tiger