Less than 24 hours to go...!

Hello everyone!


Today has been an interesting day. With only 23 hours left until my fundraising deadline, I am bouncing around all over the place excited to see what the final total will be! If it keeps growing, I can record more than 5 songs! 


After tomorrow, the fundraising is complete and the focus shifts to music-- which is what we've been working towards!


Such wonderful support and good wishes have been flying in from all over the country! Your investment in my music lifts my spirits and is so inspiring! I have a wonderful sense of partnership-- like I get to really know who is on the other side of my music...listening... YOU!


For those who would still like to participate, this is your last day to do so! The deadline is 9:24PM(PST) Wed April 6th. You can click on the link below to see.


Send Tiger To Nashville to record a beautiful CD!


Lots of love and gratitude,


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