March 28th Update & New Photos

Yesterday's Cafe Lulu show was SO much fun! I have uploaded some new photos on my website photo page for you to see! We sold 65 raffle tickets, quite a few T-shirts and ate a lot of treats! It was wonderful to see so many folks and Cafe Lulu's was very full! Thank you all for your presence and love. So many friends helped out by coming, bringing food, selling t-shirts, cutting up fruits and vegetables, cleaning up, performing...! Without you I couldn't have done this!!!


As of this morning, my Kickstarter fundraising is up to $5719! This leaves $281 to go until I have met my minimum fundraising goal! The deadline is coming soon! There are 8 more days to pledge! If I can raise more than my minimum, then I will be able to record more than 5 songs and cover some of my fundraising costs! This would be over the top fantastic!! 


Send Tiger To Nashville


Have a wonderful Monday and thank you for being part of this adventure with me! Enjoy the photos... there will be more... 

Love Tiger

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