Home Again!

Dear Friends,


By some miraculous feat, we dodged all the tornadoes and had easy, smooth flights both to and from Nashville! Thank you for all of you who were sending prayers and good thoughts my way! I could feel them!


I arrived home on Sunday night and since then have been on the mom, working, unpacking, making lunches, commuting, teaching, scheduling hamster wheel! Of course every possible moment I have, I have been listening to the preliminary mixes of the 5 songs I recorded. THEY SOUND AMAZING! I'm not kidding!


There is lots to accomplish. Over the next months, I'll be finalizing the recording, getting it mastered, designing a poster and getting it printed (more on this in a sec), designing the EP sleeve-- and more! I even have a video I am going to attempt to edit together made up of stuff I did while in Nashville. 


While I was in Nashville, I visited a wonderful printing shop called Hatch Show Print. I was so inspired by the handmade posters and historical coolness, that I decided I would try to use them for the Nashville limited edition poster I'll be releasing along with the EP! At the shop, they are actually hand rolling each poster through a press and the typesetting is all antique! It feels like the perfect choice for me! Check out their website, they are now owned by the Country Music Hall of Fame! www.hatchshowprint.com


What I am reeling about right now as I go about my daily life is the amazing lift and inspiration you have all given me by helping me make this happen! I feel trusted, supported and I have been lavished with with a gracious opportunity to do my real work. There is no greater gift really!

Love Tiger

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