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Tiger Zane: Nashville Sessions

Home Again! - May 3, 2011

Dear Friends,


By some miraculous feat, we dodged all the tornadoes and had easy, smooth flights both to and from Nashville! Thank you for all of you who were sending prayers and good thoughts my way! I could feel them!


I arrived home on Sunday night and since then have been on the mom, working, unpacking, making lunches, commuting, teaching, scheduling hamster wheel! Of course every possible moment I have, I have been listening to the preliminary mixes of the 5 songs I recorded. THEY SOUND AMAZING! I'm not kidding!


There is lots to accomplish. Over the next months, I'll be finalizing the recording, getting it mastered, designing a poster and getting it printed (more on this in a sec), designing the EP sleeve-- and more! I even have a video I am going to attempt to edit together made up of stuff I did while in Nashville. 


While I was in Nashville, I visited a wonderful printing shop called Hatch Show Print. I was so inspired by the handmade posters and historical coolness, that I decided I would try to use them for the Nashville limited edition poster I'll be releasing along with the EP! At the shop, they are actually hand rolling each poster through a press and the typesetting is all antique! It feels like the perfect choice for me! Check out their website, they are now owned by the Country Music Hall of Fame!


What I am reeling about right now as I go about my daily life is the amazing lift and inspiration you have all given me by helping me make this happen! I feel trusted, supported and I have been lavished with with a gracious opportunity to do my real work. There is no greater gift really!

Love Tiger

Recording In Nashville! - April 28, 2011

Hello again!


I find that all my update titles need to have an exclamation point; now is this because what I am saying is so exciting...or just how I feel? Not sure!


Yesterday was another crazy day of thunder and lightning, high winds, tornado warnings nearby and torrential rain. I could even hear the thunder sometimes in the recording booth. Luckily all the musicians had their phones set up to receive weather warnings based on their location!


But back to the music...these musicians are AMAZING! The studio owner Paul Scholten made out charts of all of my songs. We'd play through each one once and already gorgeous stuff was happening. Then we'd run through a second time to get out any "clams". Then one last time...and 3 times seemed to be the charm! I was playing with a drummer, bass player, keyboard/pianist and an electric guitar player. I did my own acoustic guitar.


The process is to record the song with me singing and playing guitar...then we'd replay the band portion while I did a track of just the guitar. You don't want to have a track with more than one instrument on it because it sounds muddy. All the musicians were in their own room (although we could see each other through windows). The studio owner Paul was also the drummer; he has an uncanny knack of just knowing if the track is good or not! he said that is what he gets paid for...but still it feels like a magical intuitive talent!


We recorded 5 songs...then were done for the day. We went and had dinner at a great music joint in town called Western used to be a boot store. Now they have the walls lined with boots but they are not for sale! Too bad because I can always use more boots! Dinner was cheeseburgers and fries with water (for vocal hydration) and some whiskey (just because)-- all to the soundtrack of a live country, Americana band that smoked! Then we headed home to our sweet room. I fell asleep instantly! Oh and did I mention the sun came out Seattle style...about 5 minutes before sunset.


This morning I was woken up by brilliant sparkly blue skies and a caucophany (no idea how to spell that word) of very busy birds. Cheerful, raucous, delighted to be in the sunshine is how they sounded.


I headed back to the studio late morning to do final vocal tracks. They had reserved 10 hours for me to do lead and backing vocals..but I finished in 3 hours! Yet another wonderful engineer Craig recorded me and guided me through the very different world of harmony and back up vocals!


Already the music sounds beautiful and I am so excited to share it with you when it is done! Tomorrow I will help my friend Dennis do back ups for his music-- and take a day off. Saturday we'll be mixing...


Signing off so I can go outside and enjoy the sun!

Love Tiger

Arriving In Nashville! - April 27, 2011

Good morning everybody! It is about 11am Nashville time and I'm sitting in our sweet upstairs bedroom listening to distant thunder and the singing of birds! There is a sweet fragrance of honeysuckle and green floating in the open door of our little balcony and the soft sound of rain. I am looking out into an enormous back yard with huge walnut and oak trees... So beautiful!

Last night there were tornado watches in the area; lightning flashed and thunder rolled out over the night... I lay and listened to it too excited to sleep! We went out to Broadway street where there are at least 30 or 40 music joints and all full of people and live bands on a Tuesday night! Whoa! We went in to a couple of places and then strolled jacket less down streets lined with trees and Christmas lights before coming home.

Our hosts Nell and Michael are very welcoming and kind. I have already had several cups of tea with cream and honey to start off the day. Then spent some time practicing guitar and singing on the back deck. The thunder is so loud now that the windows are shaking! We are off to start tracking... More later! So grateful to be here! Love Tiger

Less than 24 hours to go...! - April 5, 2011

Hello everyone!


Today has been an interesting day. With only 23 hours left until my fundraising deadline, I am bouncing around all over the place excited to see what the final total will be! If it keeps growing, I can record more than 5 songs! 


After tomorrow, the fundraising is complete and the focus shifts to music-- which is what we've been working towards!


Such wonderful support and good wishes have been flying in from all over the country! Your investment in my music lifts my spirits and is so inspiring! I have a wonderful sense of partnership-- like I get to really know who is on the other side of my music...listening... YOU!


For those who would still like to participate, this is your last day to do so! The deadline is 9:24PM(PST) Wed April 6th. You can click on the link below to see.


Send Tiger To Nashville to record a beautiful CD!


Lots of love and gratitude,


March 28th Update & New Photos - March 28, 2011

Yesterday's Cafe Lulu show was SO much fun! I have uploaded some new photos on my website photo page for you to see! We sold 65 raffle tickets, quite a few T-shirts and ate a lot of treats! It was wonderful to see so many folks and Cafe Lulu's was very full! Thank you all for your presence and love. So many friends helped out by coming, bringing food, selling t-shirts, cutting up fruits and vegetables, cleaning up, performing...! Without you I couldn't have done this!!!


As of this morning, my Kickstarter fundraising is up to $5719! This leaves $281 to go until I have met my minimum fundraising goal! The deadline is coming soon! There are 8 more days to pledge! If I can raise more than my minimum, then I will be able to record more than 5 songs and cover some of my fundraising costs! This would be over the top fantastic!! 


Send Tiger To Nashville


Have a wonderful Monday and thank you for being part of this adventure with me! Enjoy the photos... there will be more... 

Love Tiger

March 3, 2011 Launching the Nashville trip!! - March 3, 2011

Dear Friends, 

This page is dedicated to keeping you updated about my upcoming Nashville trip in April of this year. Since I am embarking on a fundraising drive to raise a minimum of $6000, I will be keeping you posted about everything that happens! I will be adding video (as soon as I figure out how to do it!) and the whole journey ought to be pretty exciting!

Here is the link to the new fundraising website!

As an independent artist, I conjure everything out of the goodwill and inspiration of fans and friends like you! Thank you for being part of this! I have always wanted to go to Nashville and this will be my very first time!


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