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Tiger Zane: links

Electronic Press Kit
Kaleidoscope School
Charles Mc Crone started Kaleidoscope Music school in Issaquah about three and a half years ago. He invited teachers whose vision and teaching style resonated with his-- a dynamic, modern approach combined with a love of music and kids. Now there are nearly twenty teachers specializing in a wide variety of instruments. The school bustles with kids and adults offering rock classes, piano, guitar, metal name it! Tiger has been involved as a voice and performance teacher for 3 years.
Bootsy Holler, Photographer
I first met Bootsy about 12 years ago outside my neighborhood coffee shop; she was carrying a pile of extremely cool looking photographs and trying to balance her coffee while she got into her car. From the moment I saw those photos I knew I wanted to work with her. Now she's getting famous and is still a pleasure to work with. Any opportunity I get, I hire her. She has an amazing eye and a great sense of style-- AND she is a great person!
Michael Johnson, Photographer

Michael Johnson mysteriously appeared in my life as the visionary behind Issaquah's Music in the Streets program-- he has literally transformed the streets of Issaquah in summer to a place where live music and entertainment brings folks of all ages outside to hang out, walk around and get to know one another.

As if that wasn't enough, he is also an eloquent photographer who has graciously donated many live images of me and my band performing! Visit his website to see his work and you'll begin to have a notion of his generosity of spirit and inspiration!